Challenging proposals

Chris Rowan (
Mon, 12 Jun 1995 18:51:35 -0500 (CDT)

Hello everyone,

My name is Chris Rowan, and I'm a 5th grade schoolteacher in Brownsville,
Texas. I have been very active on the Internet for the past couple of
years, mainly coordinating and conducting educational space simulations.
I currently maintain a web site at

devoted to educational space simulations.

Last year, I learned about CuSeeMe and immediately subscribed to this
list. I copied many messages and downloaded several FAQ's. I used the
information to write an in-depth proposal for CuSeeMe connectivity and
gave it to our district Technology Coordinator.

To make a long story short, he told me today that I could get the
necessary hardware and connectivity in my classroom (!!!) _if_ I can get
two proposals to him by the end of THIS WEEK.

I'll do what I can, but I sure could use your help. It's been a long
time since I last subscribed to this list, and I imagine CuSeeMe has gone
through several upgrades since then.

I was told to draft two proposals - a "Low End" and a "High End." The
Low End proposal would list the barest minimum of equipment and
connectivity necessary to make CuSeeMe _work_. The High End proposal
would list the kind of hardware and connectivity we _should_ acquire to
make CuSeeMe perform as it is meant to.

I have 5 IBM-compatible AT 386 clones in my classroom, and 1 486 Tandy
that was supposed to be a file server but has been converted to a PC with
a large hard drive. I am currently using a 14.4 dialup connection to
TENET, which provides command line access to the Internet. I can use
ftp, telnet, gopher, lynx, wais, and so on.

I sure appreciate the help! Maybe I'll be "seeing" you soon!

Best regards,