Re: Challenging proposals

Rodney M. Dyer (
Tue, 13 Jun 1995 11:48:17 -0400

>Hello everyone,
>My name is Chris Rowan, and I'm a 5th grade schoolteacher in Brownsville,
>Texas. I have been very active on the Internet for the past couple of
>years, mainly coordinating and conducting educational space simulations.
>I currently maintain a web site at
>devoted to educational space simulations.
>Last year, I learned about CuSeeMe and immediately subscribed to this
>list. I copied many messages and downloaded several FAQ's. I used the
>information to write an in-depth proposal for CuSeeMe connectivity and
>gave it to our district Technology Coordinator.
>To make a long story short, he told me today that I could get the
>necessary hardware and connectivity in my classroom (!!!) _if_ I can get
>two proposals to him by the end of THIS WEEK.
>I'll do what I can, but I sure could use your help. It's been a long
>time since I last subscribed to this list, and I imagine CuSeeMe has gone
>through several upgrades since then.
>I was told to draft two proposals - a "Low End" and a "High End." The
>Low End proposal would list the barest minimum of equipment and
>connectivity necessary to make CuSeeMe _work_. The High End proposal
>would list the kind of hardware and connectivity we _should_ acquire to
>make CuSeeMe perform as it is meant to.
>I have 5 IBM-compatible AT 386 clones in my classroom, and 1 486 Tandy
>that was supposed to be a file server but has been converted to a PC with
>a large hard drive. I am currently using a 14.4 dialup connection to
>TENET, which provides command line access to the Internet. I can use
>ftp, telnet, gopher, lynx, wais, and so on.
>I sure appreciate the help! Maybe I'll be "seeing" you soon!
> Best regards,

Too far, too fast...

Slow down, the technology just isn't here yet. Cuseeme is not a viable
tool for anything other than playing around with. Many people seem to
be taken by the internet and the cool software you can use on it. The
fact is that most of what you read, and most of what you see is hype.
The internet is 'not' ready for business, and definitely not ready for
audio/video. Just hold on a few more years, or alternatively, spend
lots and lots of money with little or no benefit or payoff.

It's no wonder education is costing so much these days while the
acutal learning is going down the tubes.


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