Rodney M. Dyer (
Tue, 13 Jun 1995 12:11:17 -0400

>I disagree that it's a toy, but even if it were, people like to play with toys.
>In fact, people are willing to pay big money to own the toys they play with

But, for most people, the internet has turned out to be a very expensive toy
with little benefit of payoff. Lot's of money and time in, little or no actual
gain. Talk about entopy increasing.

I love the internet myself, and I like to play with cuseeme and iphone. But,
so far, I don't think I have a return on what I put into it, and I do this
for a living.

If we all wait just a little longer then the speed and connectivity will be
With advancing telecummunications equipment we will get through this
exponential traffic jam caused by too many people trying to play with the

Once the audio version of Cuseeme for PC's arrives, all hell is going to
break loose. I think the developers know this.

My three cents worth...


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