Re: Challenging proposals

Dr Arun Kumar Bag (
Wed, 14 Jun 1995 14:51:48

Loved your reply. Brought a chuckle to my day.

You are so right. I was introduced to Pc's about 2 years ago and to
the net a year ago. Initially, I was taken up with all this new
software and capabilities but over the last few months I am
gradually coming down to earth from the original "high"
Thanx for giving me another look at myself -:)

When it comes to education I coudn't agree with you more.

>>Hello everyone,
>>My name is Chris Rowan, and I'm a 5th grade schoolteacher in Brownsville,
>>Texas. I have been very active on the Internet for the past couple of
>>years, mainly coordinating and conducting educational space simulations.
>>I currently maintain a web site at
..................stuff deleted.....................................
>>I sure appreciate the help! Maybe I'll be "seeing" you soon!
>> Best regards,
>Too far, too fast...
>Slow down, the technology just isn't here yet. Cuseeme is not a viable
>tool for anything other than playing around with. Many people seem to
>be taken by the internet and the cool software you can use on it. The
>fact is that most of what you read, and most of what you see is hype.
>The internet is 'not' ready for business, and definitely not ready for
>audio/video. Just hold on a few more years, or alternatively, spend
>lots and lots of money with little or no benefit or payoff.
>It's no wonder education is costing so much these days while the
>acutal learning is going down the tubes.
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