crashing when connecting (was: unused reflectors)

Robert Hsiung (
Wed, 14 Jun 1995 08:44:51 -0600

At 11:39 AM 6/14/95, Chuck Elliot wrote:

>I haven't heard of a reflector crashing clients before. Are you sure it
>isn't the local setup?

The local setup = on my computer? Other reflectors work fine for me.

I just saw your post about your reflector crashing. I wonder (1) if clients
who are connected crash when that happens and (2) if my crashing is related
in any way to your crashing. I don't think I transmit at a particularly
high rate, but maybe that's relative.

>I don't know how the nicknanmes mechanism works
>because I use a PC.

It's just a file listing nicknames and what they refer to. You didn't give
an IP address, so I just used You know, it was
the first time I tried using a domain name, before I just used IP
addresses, maybe that was the problem, maybe they don't work with

Could you post your IP address? Then I'll try it the old way and see what

>No-one else has complained of this to me.

No news is good news, eh? :-)