CEI PC PrimeTime V6

Ted Sorrells (tedxas@iadfw.net)
Wed, 14 Jun 1995 10:18:36 -0500

>Date: Tue, 13 Jun 1995 11:45:37 -0400
>From: johnson@magicnet.net (Don Johnson)
>>You don't need a capture board to receive CUSEEME video....so that option
>>should work fine anyway. But sending video didn't work for me at all.
>Don Johnson replied:
>Checking the manual it says the reccomended setting under video options is 6
>bit compressed YUV which is "16 bit capture compressed to 6-bit using
>WaveWatcherTV-II's video processor." BUT it doesn't give you any other
>settings to choose from. This could get interesting!!

CUSEEME uses the "8-bit palettized" option on the PC PrimeTime...while the
WaveWatcherTV-II offers only the "YUV" setting. PrimeTime has both...as
well as three other compression formats.....and the PrimeTime's YUV option
performed EXACTLY as the WaveWatcherTV-II's did....no video at all. But, a
quick change to the 8-bit option and POOF...instand video.

Perhaps it would be a simple software upgrade to allow the WaveWatcherTV-II
to operate in 8-bit mode.
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