Re- Under-used reflectors

Chuck Elliot (
Wed, 14 Jun 1995 17:17:35 -0400

Might it be possible to do some general load sharing and
bandwidth saving by establishing some semi-permanent
reflector links between over-used and under-used reflectors,
using the UNICAST-REF facility?

This might be especially useful in cutting down intercontinental
CUSeeMe traffic. Maybe 'proxy' sites could be set up in each
country to 'mirror' currently popular reflectors thus creating
'virtual sites' . These arrangements could be advertised via
this list and relevant MOTDs to encourage clients to connect
to a 'local', maybe national site for that particular 'network'.

Any thoughts?

Chuck Elliot
Sheffield Hallam University UK
tel. 0114 2533124: fax. 0114 2533161