CuSeeMe questions

Servicio Social Redes (
Wed, 14 Jun 1995 13:47:02 -0600

Hello!, we are a group of students from ITESM University at Mexico City,
and we are trying to establish a remote educational system using the
internet resources, and we are thinking of CuSeeMe as the adequate software
for this purposes. We have relatively few time using CuSeeMe, and we are not very
sure if this is the right choice or not. We have made some tests with a
Macintosh Quadra 840av and with a PC Value Point 486/33, and the video is very,
and we mean very! slow, and with the Mac we receive no audio (We don't know if
there is an audio version for PC, Is there?). We don't know if these problems
have to do with our own net or it is a mayor problem with the internet.
We have been connecting to a reflector in Norway (, and this seems
to be a problem only in our own equipment, because everyone else seems to do
just fine.
Would anyone be so kind to tell us anything you know about our questions?
If not, receive anyways our greetings, Gracias amigos.