Re: Connectix Digital Camera for PC

Roger Lee Boston (
Wed, 14 Jun 1995 20:46:07 -0500 (CDT)

First it was May June, then June, then Late June, then July, then August,
now late August -- I have called them several times and it does not sound
any closer than it did in April. But won't it be nice?

Now a question for the technically knowledgable:
What kinds of changes would it take to a program like .. say VIDCALL or
CuSeeMe or Sharevision .. to skip the steps associated with the
digitizing card and just take the camera's output - Minor changes or
Major changes?

On Thu, 8 Jun 1995, Albert Foo wrote:

> >This weekI talked to Connectix about QuickCam for PC availability. They have
> >their FCC paperwork in and expect to hit the streets in late August....
> >
> That's good news. I think this will be a hit. Imagine, you don't need a
> video capture card anymore!!
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