San Fran demo tonight
Thu, 15 Jun 95 06:00:19


I'm going to be doing a short intro to CU-SeeMe tonight at the Bay
Area Internet Users Group meeting. Touring popular reflectors will
be part of the program, but if anyone wants to help make this a
little more personalized, you could:

- meet me for a one-on-one connect at at around 7:30
pm (Pacific time)
- drop by the quirky reflector running at (
sometime around 7:45.

Of course, these live demos never stick to schedule, but that's
what I'm shooting for.


  Eric S. Theise <>
  Liberty Hill Cyberwerks, P.O. Box 460177, San Francisco, CA 94146

I enjoyed stopping by, problem was I am sure you were dialed in on a low speed line, oh well, I guess the group got the idea.