Re: Personal details icon. for CUSM

David Wilson (
Fri, 16 Jun 1995 09:38:41 +1200

hey Dr Bob, chill out here....

I am totally for CUSM, but ask yourself this ( I am a regular user of
Cornells reflector and get incedibly frustrated at how many times people
ask, who you are, what you do, what time is it in your country; does this
not frustrate you?.

Maybe you have jumped into the middle of an ongoing conversation, and want
to find out more info about the participants. We also have a limited
transmission bandwidth, and until better compression techniques or fatter
lines are developed and everyone has full audio capabilities then I believe
that my suggestion (this is my personal view and not neccessarily the view
of others) has some merit.

Thankyou for your feedback, It is nice to know that people take an active
interest in the development of this mulitmedia tool.

>At 1:51 PM 6/15/95, David Wilson wrote:
>>would save a lot of idle chatter and crap that goes on
>>to find out who is who and where they are from etc......
>If you don't like what goes on, go elsewhere!

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