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John HArrison (
Thu, 15 Jun 1995 23:53:32 -0700

At 05:14 PM 6/12/95 -0700, Carol J Qazi wrote:
>Hi, Ted, thanks for the posting on PC PrimeTime Version 6 from CEI. My
>never-ending search for the "inexpensive" but "good" videocapture card
>took another turn just as I was beginning to settle in for the Blastid
>videoblaster ES100. I've been vacillating between the ESA 100 and the
>FS200. Called Creative Labs to find the real scoop (what's different
>between the two) and got put into voicemail Hell for 30 minutes.
>Finally, I just hung up. Your posting about the PC PrimeTime cheered me
>up. I called CEI since they are just up the peninsula from me (I'm in
>San Jose) and was immediately able to talk to the Technical Support
>person. He did not know about CU-SeeMe and did not know that the card
>worked with the program. I gave him all the info I could.
>He suggested I ask you one question: Did you have to do any tweaking or
>fiddling with the drivers that came with the board. Or did it work
>straight out of the box with the a standard (normal) install?
>I'm on my way to CompuUSA, but would love to hear from you as soon as you
>can respond. Javaid Qazi, San Jose, CA
>On Mon, 12 Jun 1995, Ted Sorrells wrote:
>> Just a note...I have successfully used the PC PrimeTime V6 with both CUSEEME
>> and VidCall. It is a full motion video/still frame capture ISA board. I'm
>> using an STB Nitro ISA video card with 2Mb video memory. The PC PrimeTime
>> V6 is selling for $199 at CompUSA here in Texas. (The STB Nitro ISA is $199
>> as well.)
>> Make sure the PC PrimeTime is VERSION 6....prior versions don't have the
>> full motion video capture...and I'd suspect they wouldn't work with CUSEEME
>> or VidCall. (Just a guess.)
>> I don't have an 800 sales number for CEI...but here's the information I
do have:
>> CEI (Cogent Electronics, Inc.)
>> 210A Twin Dolphin Drive
>> Redwood City, CA 94065
>> Tech Support: (415) 591-3574
>> P.S. - the WaveWatcher TV2 worked fairly well with VidCall....but not at all
>> with CUSEEME.
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>> Ted Sorrells - WBAP-AM 820 Sports
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>i had the pc primetime card also but took it back it seemed it seemed to
have a problem with packard bell computers. I kept washing out the colors in
windows, to a point that it was unreadable everytime a high resolutioon
graphic was displayed. I exchanged it for the primetime tv card and have had
no problems with it except the video is not as sharp when watching tv on the
tuner but it does work fine with vidcall and cuseeme!
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