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> This is reposted here from the CU-SeeMe mailing list in hopes someone
> can assist:
> I just picked up a Mac magazine that has a unix system that runs on a mac
> called Mach10 by a company called Tenon. Has any body tried their system
> and run a reflector off it? Says it can share the Mac o/s (doesn't want the
> whole machine) and can run on a classic if need be.... might be a good use
> for some old anchors...
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This message was posted to the MachTen mailing list a while back:

Date: Wed, 10 May 1995 11:55:22 -0700
From: (Brian Kariger)
Subject: Re: CUSM reflector

Radio HK's CU-SeeMe reflector is running under MachTen on a PowerBook 170!
Check out the reflector at
(turn off send video, send audio,
turn on receive audio and lurkers)

and the accompanying web site at

Radio HK's configuration is peculiar, but the MachTen reflector setup was
no different from Solaris, other than it being much easier to accomplish
since the binary is available from

Brian Kariger

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