CU-SeeMe not working on PC

Cristian G. Bergweiler (
Sat, 17 Jun 1995 21:53:55 -3

I am sorry if this is a FAQ (although the FAQ is quite obscure on
I installed Cu-SeeMe (as a lurker) on my PC (386, Windows 3.11,
Trumpet Winsock 2.1b) and can connect to some reflectors. The
problem: although video windows open and I am receiving high traffic
(as per TPCmeter), the video image won't refresh (or begins with some
spots of the image, but never completes).
Can anyone help? Has this something to do with the 'hostname' issue?
Thanks in advance.

Cristian G. Bergweiler
Phone/fax: +55-11-247 9245
Sao Paulo - Brazil