WaveWatcherTV-II and CUSM--An Update

Don Johnson (johnson@magicnet.net)
Sun, 18 Jun 1995 08:03:54 -0400

All credit goes to Ted Sorells for letting me know why CUSM wouldn't work
with the WaveWatcherTV-II. Their only choice for compression is 6 bit YUV. I
have been informed by their tech support that this limitation is considered
a serious problem and that with-in a couple months a new version of the
software should be out that offer alternative formats. One of the techs
FTP'd CUSM so the company is showing interest in resolving the problem. This
product is slightly over $300.00. Not exactly low end. It comes with an FM
radio built in which is a plus and I enjoyed capturing images of the Orlando
Magic/Huston basketball finals last week. It is easy to use and worked
exceptionally well capturing both still images and AVI's. I am now busy
embedding little movies and sounds into WordPerfect 6.1 documents so I can
steal bandwidth and send them via Email by attachment to business clients!
How sweet it is!

Don Johnson