FW: HELP! Don't stop support! (for ProMovie)

Salkowski, Charles (CSALKOWS@gp201.jsc.nasa.gov)
Sun, 18 Jun 95 13:11:00 cdt

I recently posted a message regarding my attempts to get
attention from Mediavision with respect to ProMovie compatibility
problems with cuseeme.
Mr. Faherty recently offered this advice via the listserv:
>From: John Faherty
>To: csalkows
>Cc: faherty
>Subject: RE: FW: HELP! Don't stop support!
>Date: Saturday, June 17, 1995 6:39PM

>Why not just buy the VideoLogic Captivator board for $ 99.00, and save
>a lot of frustration with Media Vision ?

>John Faherty
Unfortunately, I really like the digitization speed of the ProMovie Studio
In fact, I recently purchased Creative Labs Video Blaster SE100 ($250, PC
Connection) and it can't hold a candle to the ProMovie Card. I suspect the
same would be true for the Captivator. I'm considering exchanging the
SE100 for the Creative Labs RT300, if PC Connection will let me. Anyone
know if the RT300 works with cuseeme?

Charles Salkowski
"We Build Space Ships"