Re: CU-SEEME with Netcom

Alexander Holt (
Mon, 19 Jun 1995 00:45:53 -0700

You wrote:
>Hello everyone,
> I've recently tried to use CU-Seeme with a Netcom Windows Netcruser
>account without success. Most of my pet Winsock compatible clients
>just fine but CU-Seeme presents an error. I used Netcruser version
>and CU-Seeme version W0.34b5. System is a 486/33, 14.4 modem.
> Here's the problem: CU-Seeme starts OK, but when I try to connect,
>get a GPF from netcomws.dll "CU-SEEME caused a General Protection
Fault in
>module NETCOMWS.DLL at 001:0085". This occurs everytime I try to
>to a reflector that is up.
> Any Ideas? Thanks in advance for your reply.
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>Message sent 06/17/95 at 20:33:42 Hampton, GA, USA
I called Netcom and spoke with Raymond W/ Systems support...gave me
their NNTP address and SNTP address. I also sent him a copy of cu-seeme
at his request to investigate. Had never heard of it. Anyway, I talked
to him again Friday and he had not tried to work it yet.

In the mean time, I downloaded a small app that can be launched
via-netscape etc. that when configured through netscape, will in theory
launch cu-seeme when it detects a certain file present. I have yet
tried to see If I have success with GOSUSM.EXE but we shall see. The
truth is that I have yet to have ANY success with cu-seeme. Perhaps if
you too call Raymond, between the two of us and anybody else on
NETCRUISE, we can get some answers.

Please keep us all posted as I too will.