Juan Carlos Cuesta Cuesta (
Mon, 19 Jun 95 14:12:40 METDST

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**I don't know how long you have been working with this, but if there isn't
**anyone connected to the reflector who can send video, you won't see
**anything. That doesn't mean the reflector isn't working properly.
**On Mon, 19 Jun 1995, Juan Carlos Cuesta Cuesta wrote:
**> PROBLEM: CU-SeeMe doesn't display any image.
**> I'm using a reflector to provide access to a local network PC to the INTERNET.
**> When I connect from my PC to the reflector it shows that CU-SeeMe is connected
**> to my reflector and my reflector is also connected to the INTERNET reflector
**> but CU-SeeMe doesn't show any image. I don't have video capture hardware thoug
**h I have audio hardware. I just want to test it as a lurker. I'm using the
**> following configuration file:
** ...

The address I'm using belongs to a public reflector that broadcast continuosly
and the message that my local reflector outputs says that it is receiving video:

video packet len 68 network src content src family 2 seq
269 msg 1 dtype 101

J. C. Cuesta