LAN WorkPlace Works
19 Jun 95 09:46:00 -0700

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I have been trying for a few months to get CuSeeMe working on a Novell networked
PC 486/66 Windows 3.1 environment machine. Requests for help within this list
resulted in various suggestions, some good and some not so good. Well it finally
works after upgrading LAN WorkPlace to version 4.2 and the following:

The upgrade that took place on my machine involved:

1. Upgrading to VLM 1.2

2. Upgrading to LAN Workplace for DOS 4.2

3. Incorporating Novell patches 203, 206-209

I am now watching you. The next step is the purchase of hardware to be able to
send video, and then "new" CuSeeMe software to handle audio on a PC.

Thanks for the help to all that responded.....