Re: CU-SeeMe configurations

Mon, 19 Jun 1995 15:21:57 -0500

>Hi all,
>We are producing a CU-SeeMe event on the 25th of this month and are
>looking forward to including a site at the Glastonbury Festival in
>Currently they have a PC with an Indeo video card and Sound
>Blaster card for Audio, but as I am unclear about the compatability of
>the Indeo (and model #) and there is no publically released version of
>CU-SeeMe for Windows which includes audio, does anyone have a recommended
>Mac configuration including audio and video hardware?

The Quadra 605, 650 and LC 575 work just fine with a connectix quickcam and
the appropriate microphone. (the 605 and 575 need a plaintalk microphone,
the 650 takes the old standard microphone that I have 20 of sitting around
doing nothing!!)

Hope this helps!

Brett C. Harvey, EDP Network Specialist, Community Education
Saint Paul Public Schools, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Brett C. Harvey, President, The Adventure Zone Paintball
Saint Paul, Minnesota


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