Re: WaveWatcherTV-II and CUSM--An Update

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Mon, 19 Jun 1995 23:47:00 -0400

>From: (Don Johnson)
>Subject: Re: WaveWatcherTV-II and CUSM--An Update
>Yes. It has an adapter with RCA jacks to plug in a cam corder,VCR or laser
disc. In fact, I'll be experimenting with that this week. I borrowed a video
tape of the last Magic/Huston game and I want to capture some images and
some AVI's.
>You can have 2 video sources plugged in at the same time and select one of
them or the tuner. You can also choose a sound source independent of the
video. Another feature that I haven't tried yet is the ability to scan 16 TV
channels on the same screen. Resolution maxes out at 1024x768x64,000 colors.
And unlike many other boards it claims no RAM limitations. It has a PAL
version available. And it is cable ready with 181 channels. Video
resolutions: 320x240x65k colors at 15 fps. 160x120x65k colors at 30 fps.
There is also the ability to view 16 windows of the same channel showing
each frame in sequence. I don't know why that is used. Other features
include slumber for the radio and an event calendar that I guess lets you
record a program if you've got a heckuva large hard drive!
>Don Johnson
>> Does the WaveWatcher support composite input (ie. Camcorder input)??
>> Thanks!
>> *Larry*
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>>Subject: WaveWatcherTV-II and CUSM--An Update
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>>Date: 6/18/95 8:31 AM
>>All credit goes to Ted Sorells for letting me know why CUSM wouldn't work
>>with the WaveWatcherTV-II. Their only choice for compression is 6 bit YUV. I
>>have been informed by their tech support that this limitation is considered
>>a serious problem and that with-in a couple months a new version of the
>>software should be out that offer alternative formats. One of the techs
>>FTP'd CUSM so the company is showing interest in resolving the problem. This
>>product is slightly over $300.00. Not exactly low end. It comes with an FM
>>radio built in which is a plus and I enjoyed capturing images of the Orlando
>>Magic/Huston basketball finals last week. It is easy to use and worked
>>exceptionally well capturing both still images and AVI's. I am now busy
>>embedding little movies and sounds into WordPerfect 6.1 documents so I can
>>steal bandwidth and send them via Email by attachment to business clients!
>>How sweet it is!
>>Don Johnson