Re: REFMON and running from root

Halvor Kise jr. (
Tue, 20 Jun 1995 09:04:18 +0200 (MET DST)

On Mon, 19 Jun 1995 wrote:
> The first is that I can't seem to run it from root. The permissions and owner
> are set correctly, but when I try to run it I get 'command not found'. Can it
> not be run from su?

It might be because root does not search the current path for commands or
programs. What happens if you try "./reflect3.0b3 reflect.conf &" ?

> Second, when I try to put a REFMON line into the reflect.conf file I get the
> error:

Hmmm... I have never seen this before. Are you shure you just have
"REFMON <IP# to a mashine>" in your reflect.conf?

This is just my $0.02

- Halvor.

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