Problems with 7100/60s

Simon Biggs (
Wed, 21 Jun 95 13:20:45 GMT

>I am attempting to configure CU-SeeMe for a Power Macintosh 7100/60 with
>8 MB RAM. I'm using the Connectix QuickCam for video, and I'm ATTEMPTING
>to use the Mac's built-in microphone for audio. However, I can't seem
>to transmit or receive audio from the Power Macintosh. I've made sure
>that I installed SoundManager 3.0. The Macintoshes are networked by
>means of an Ethernet 10BaseT network.
A couple of things - the PPC comes standard with system 7.5. That includes
Sound Manager 3.0. Adding 3.0 to the Extensions folder can cause conflicts.

Secondly, ensure that you are using the corect Plaintalk Mic for the PPC.
Also, that you are using a recent enough beta of CU which supports audio

The last thing - if you are on a slow link (less than 64k) then your sound
will be such a hash it may not be the effort.

I'm on a 14.4k and I can receive sound - but only as blips and blurts. When
on a fast line there are no problems. There may be a fix for this - anyone
know (like ideal data rates/compression for audio receive?).

Simon Biggs