The huge Go CU-SeeMe Go reflector list is here

John D. Lauer (
Wed, 21 Jun 1995 20:59:18 -0400

Check it out, the entire hyper-linked reflector list is now available for
your abuse at

This only works with Go CU-SeeMe Go, a Windows program. I think you will
find this extremely useful when you want to CU-SeeMe surf. I've also been
thinking about setting up a page for people to put their personal address on
so it ends up being a Phone Book for CU-SeeMe. That way people could look
up your name, see your IP address, click on it, ring your CU-SeeMe video
phone and presto. Does that sound like a useful thing?

In fact, I could take it one step further and do a general phone book for
not only CU-SeeMe but IPhone, NetPhone, Chat, other video-conferencing
packages, email, etc. Although, alot of people might want to keep this info
private. I'd like some feedback from the list if this is actually a viable

John Lauer