Vocal Tech Phone-PC Compatibility

Sharon Roberts (sar13@cornell.edu)
Thu, 22 Jun 1995 10:38:39 -0400

I am trying to find some answers for someone not on the list.
This person wants to communicate with his daughter in the U.K.
Can anyone tell me if any Vocal Tech Phone products are compatible with
the following set up?

Dell Pentium 90Mhz
16mb memory, 256K cache
540mb hdu
Combo floppy
2x Cd-Rom
#9 GXE64 Video board
US Robotics 14.4 internal modem
Soundblaster 16 sound card, twin Peavey speakers
DOS 6.20
Windows 3.10
My Internet connection is a simple connection to an Info Services provider
probably running at 9.6.

If not vocal tech, perhaps someone could suggest another product that
would work with this system. You can reply directly to
< coleman@inforamp.net > (harvey coleman)
or to me and I will forward the information. Thanks much.