Re: Support for CU-SeeMe Project

John D. Lauer (
Thu, 22 Jun 1995 11:21:25 -0400

I don't know how much this applies to your request, but you might want to
add something about the Event Guide web pages I put together for the
CU-SeeMe community. I think a lot of users feel the need to give back
something, since CU-SeeMe is free. That is why I created the Event Guide
pages. They also help spread the word about CU-SeeMe events and bring a
little order to the chaotic nature of showing an event. You will find the
pages at

You will also find a program that launches CU-SeeMe from a web browser and
connects it to a specific site.

John Lauer

At 09:28 AM 6/22/95 -0500, Louise Holmes wrote:
>To the CU-SeeMe community,
>It's that time of year again... We're producing our Annual Report, and a
>variety of other activities that help maintain CU-SeeMe as "freeware". It
>would be enormously helpful to receive written "stories" or "testimonials"
>from you about how you are using or anticipate using CU-SeeMe. (and an
>indication that it's okay with you if we publish your story, and name).
>Your CU-SeeMe story could be from one paragraph to a page of text. Send it
>electronically to me, L. Holmes, at LMH2@CORNELL.EDU.
>MANY thanks! We very much appreciate your continued support.
>Please include the following "vitals"(whatever is applicable, of course):
>Name, Title
>Company or School or whatever
>Work Phone
>Email address
>http address
>reflector address
>Louise M. Holmes
>CU-SeeMe Project Consultant
>Cornell Information Technologies
>PH: 607-255-5993