Re: CU-SeeMe and Open Transport

Bill Ryan (
Thu, 22 Jun 1995 14:10:40 -0800

>I just installed Open Transport 1.0b1c3 from the June Developer CD. Most
>things work fine, but CU-SeeMe .80b2 has some problems. It seems to only
>work on the first connection that I try to make, and then only for a few
>seconds. Subsequent connection attempts are unsuccessful.
>For example, when I tried to connect to the Cornell reflector this morning,
>it gave me the Cornell banner window, then put up two or three people, then
>stopped and timed them all out.
>Is there anything I can do to get CU-SeeMe to work with Open Transport?
>(System Info: Power Mac 8100/80av, System 7.5.1, Open Transport 1.0b1c3)

I've tested the following config. vs. CUSeeMe/PPC 0.80b2 and had no problems.

OpenTransport 1.0f3 (b5c3)
PowerMac 7100/66
MacOS 7.5.1
SoundManager 3.1b14
QuickTime 2.0
QuickTime PowerPlug 2.0
Apple MultiMedia Tuner 2.0.1

You may want to get a more recent release of OpenTransport.

We are a seed site and recently received 1.0f3 (b5c3), but I believe Apple
is very near to releasing a golden 1.0.

Wasn't Apple handing out OpenTransport CDs at WWDC???


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