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Thu, 22 Jun 1995 14:25:43 -0400 (EDT)


We are not using CU-SeeMe technology to reproduce what television already
does too well... We are utilizing the internet via a cool and exciting
software application which brings people in remote locations closer
together, and our clients just happen to be a cable station who want to
broadcast this communication on television.

We chose to use CU-SeeMe for this event because:

1) it is currently the best (in our opinion), publically available
audio/video conferencing software freely available for both the Mac and
eventually the PC.

2) We could control access to the reflector we are temporarily installing
into their network (ie. Sunday) so we could keep the bandwidth usage
down, net-wide... while maximizing the available bandwith between the three
invited sites (Glastonbury, Vancouver, Los Angeles) and our site (Toronto).

IMN Internet Services

On Wed, 21 Jun 1995 wrote:

> Listen carefully you commercial twit. I'm only saying this once. No one is
> interested in participating in a PRIVATE COMMERCIAL hyping of a FREE PUBLIC
> program. CU Seeme isn't the killer app for video on demand, and you're not
> the person to merchandise it. OK? Stop spamming us all who want to have
> It's bad enough you want to do the same thing to CU seeme that other morons
> have done to the web, commercialising it until it's no longer possible, but
> keeping your reflector private is just going too FAR. CU seeme was created
> for public access, not for UBERMENSCHEN with thick wallets lined with money
> exploited from youth. And NO! I'm not some disgruntled ex college professor,
> hippie, or postal worker, I'm a high school student who just finished ninth
> grade, who desn't like his world turned into a giant copy of 'Rolling Stone'.
> So stop REPEATING your ridiculous plea for bandwidth, NO ONE CARES. UNDERSTAND?
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