Re: CU-SeeMe and Open Transport

Greg Williams (
Thu, 22 Jun 1995 15:17:42 -0500

>I've tested the following config. vs. CUSeeMe/PPC 0.80b2 and had no problems.
>OpenTransport 1.0f3 (b5c3)
>PowerMac 7100/66
>MacOS 7.5.1
>SoundManager 3.1b14
>QuickTime 2.0
>QuickTime PowerPlug 2.0
>Apple MultiMedia Tuner 2.0.1
>You may want to get a more recent release of OpenTransport.
>We are a seed site and recently received 1.0f3 (b5c3), but I believe Apple
>is very near to releasing a golden 1.0.
>Wasn't Apple handing out OpenTransport CDs at WWDC???

We've tried several version of Open Transport here at NCSA, including
1.0f3, and none of them have worked reliably with all of the system
extensions that we consider indispensable. In general, we're using
configurations similar to that listed above, only with 80MHz 7100s and
8100s. We keep hoping for a more stable version soon.


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