Hello from "George in Dundee"

Giwrgos Makridis (gmakridi@mcs.dundee.ac.uk)
Thu, 22 Jun 95 22:40:02 BST

Hello CU-SeeMe-ers!

I joined the list a couple of minutes ago and I decided to drop a hello line.

Find me connected tonight (if I ever manage to do so...)

See ya all there....

# George Makridis
# M.Sc. Student
# Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science
# University of Dundee e-mail:gmakridi@mcs.dundee.ac.uk
# Dundee DD1 4HN or gmakridi@dux.dundee.ac.uk
# SCOTLAND. or gmakridi@mic.dundee.ac.uk
WWW-Page: http://dux.dundee.ac.uk:8080/~gmakridi/