Re: CU-SeeMe and Open Transport

Michael Sattler (
Thu, 22 Jun 1995 15:18:29 -0700

At 15:10 6/22/95, Bill Ryan wrote:

>We are a seed site and recently received 1.0f3 (b5c3), but I believe Apple
>is very near to releasing a golden 1.0.

I have a bunch of bugs pending against 1.0f3 and have been assured that a
newer version will be released on 6/22 (that's right, yesterday).

For most Mac users, I think that OT is much ado about nothing. In the
future, as things take advantage of OT's capabilities (and multicast makes
it into OT) there'll be more of a compelling reason to track down and
install OT. Besides, I think most users are pretty smart to let us iron
out all the bugs for them :-)

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