Re[2]: Windows 95
23 Jun 95 02:03:00 -0500

Stuff to look for.

I had Netmanage Chameleon for my PPP dial-in. This is what I had to do.

PPP for Netmanage no longer worked.

I had to use the Windows95 PPP dial-in. (surprised that it works much

The way to connect may not be straight forward (automated) for all users but

when it is connected, it works fine. My setup requires me to manually login

with a pop-up screen because our PPP server responds differently for logins.


Before this you must make sure that you have TCP/IP installed for windows as

well as the dial-in adapter for Windows.

You must configure the dial-in adapter and the TCP/IP protocol bound to that

adapter. (Control Panels -> Network)

If you do not have a DNS, or having DNS problems and want to use a hosts
it should be placed in the Windows directory. This is a simple text
that has an IP address and a alias name. Such as:

Hope this helps. Mail me directly if you have specific questions.

BJ Culpepper
Perot Systems Corporation


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On Thu, 22 Jun 1995, Scott Charlton wrote:

> I had the Windows release of CU-SeeMe working fine until I upgraded to
> Windows 95. Any suggestions as to where I should start looking for a
> problem? Anyone else have a problem with this? Thanks.
> -Scott Charlton
> PS> Is there a version of CU-SeeMe for Windows that accepts sound?

I didn't do anything except install Win95...and CU-seeme works fine...
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