Crashing PPC

David Watson (
Fri, 23 Jun 1995 16:28:23 +1000

Michael asked on behalf of...

>From: Michael Sattler <>

>Subject: PPC with 7.1 release of MacTCP
>>Date: Wed, 21 Jun 95 19:46:47 -0700
>>From: Martin Stoufer <>
>>I was wondering if you had any comments or any pointers that may resolve
>>why the PPC version .80b of CU-SeeMe does not work with system 7.5's
>>newer version of MacTCP (v. 2.0.6)? I tried and got some quick hangs and
>>crashes in the process.I am running the required latter version (v.
>>1.1.1) but with a little hesitation (even though I'm totally awestruck!).
>>I've poked around some newsgroups looking for answers, but to no avail...

Hmm, I use the configuration noted every day and it works fine... you might
want to make sure your audiovision extension is the last to load... some
problems with crashes until I rearranged the load order...

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