Netcom NetCruiser problem resolved (it's not good news)

Alexander Holt (
Fri, 23 Jun 1995 11:16:05 -0700

Dear Friends,

Following discussions with Netcom, we have resolved our CuSeeMe problem
with NetCruiser. The simple problem is that Netcruiser is not providing
the all VERY important PPP (point-to-point) protocol. Netcruiser
accounts are C-SLIP (compressed Serial Line Internet Protocol) and do
not provide the PPP required by CuSeeMe.

This was verified when I used my Compuserve dialer to attach to
internet and was successful in running CuSeeMe. The Compuserve dialer
does provide a PPP.

You may say, then how come I can FTP/WWW etc. We'll a laymans response
would be that when you FTP, you are making the request and the host is
sending a FILE to your address. When you try CuSeeMe, you are making
the request, as you do when you FTP but as it is real time video,
CuSeeMe needs your address continously to send you video. Without a PPP
CuSeeMe does not know your address...with PPP, CuSeeMe knows the route
to your machine.

A solution offered by Netcom is to buy Netscapes licensed version of
their Netscape Personal Navigator that comes bundled with all that is
necessary to get a PPP etc. The version that you and I have downloaded
from Netscape is the browser only without the other extras that one
needs for PPP. Netscape navigator can be configured to dial into a
Netcom access point (your local access number) and run properly. If one
can get a dialer that provides a PPP from somewhere on the net at no
cost, let me and the rest of us know. I mentioned to our friend at
Netcom that with all the advancements in net services, it behooves them
to again add PPP to their netcruiser or people will stop using
netcruiser and user for example netscape. Aparently, they once did
provide PPP but removed it because it was cheaper for them not to
provide it. BIG MISTAKE.

Also, they prefer that people use netcom instead of netscape because
with netcruiser, thet can monitor traffic flow and usage...with
netscape, they cannot. Again I said, If you don't provide PPP there
won't be much traffic to monitor because everybody will swith to
another browser that does offer the power to use the power of the net

Warm regards to all,

Alexander Holt
En-Linea, Inc.
Santa Monica, CA

Well gang, I hope this helps.