Fwd: Re[2]: gosusm.exe (more re:NETCOM NetCruiser problem)

Alexander Holt (soccer@ix.netcom.com)
Fri, 23 Jun 1995 11:26:23 -0700

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Dear Alex,

Thanks for GOCESM.ZIP, I will give it a whirl as soon as I can. I
tried to fool Mosaic/Netscape by installing CU-Seeme as a viewer
passing it a bogus file, but that didn't work. I guess this must
been a known fact otherwise if the approach had been workable,
wouldn't be a need for GOCESM.

I spoke with my provider NETCOM Communications who provides the
windows interface NetCruiser that works very well for access to USENET
groups, FTP, WWW etc. I can also minimize NetCruiser and load
Netscape and piggy back Netscape on the NetCruiser connection. The
problem, it turns out, is that the connection is a C-SLIP connection
without PPP. Netcom sysop suggests that I buy the Netscape Personal
Navigator that will provide the necessary PPP with the included
winsock and still dial in through Netcom. Does this make sense to you?

Yeah, this makes some sense to me. CU-SeeMe needs to send UDP
instead of TCP packets. Several implementations of SLIP don't
UDP because they are not full implementations of the Internet
protocols. Did you try to connect to my test-bed server?
( It will tell me what is going on beneath the
I think I remember that c-slip is capable of UDP, but I think I
remember reading that it required some tweaking to do so.

The netscape that I am currently using Netscape Navigator v.1.1N,
an unregistered version that I downloaded from Netscape. I guess
there is a bubble wrap version with more support built within available
in stores.

For the above reason (UDP/TCP), this may still not fix the problem.

Thanks for the phone number, I'll try to call later. This might
up the process. My number is (301) 713-0882 x104 W EDT

Best Regards,

Patrick T. Stingley