Re: Netcom NetCruiser problem resolved (it's not good news)

John D. Balogh, +1 814 863 1252 (
Fri, 23 Jun 1995 15:38:44 -0400

>Netcruiser accounts are C-SLIP (compressed Serial Line Internet Protocol)
>and do not provide the PPP required by CuSeeMe.

This is news to me.
I run CUSM here with SLIP, CSLIP or PPP as the mood (or dial-in script) suit.
The terminal servers we use allow the user to select the protocol at
connect time.
I'm running the PC version with Trumpet Winsock Version 2.0 Revision B.
Works better at 28.8 than 14.4 in either case, but if I set my cap down
to 12 or 15K, things work as expected.

>This was verified when I used my Compuserve dialer to attach to
>internet and was successful in running CuSeeMe. The Compuserve dialer
>does provide a PPP.

Sounds like the NetCruiser does not provide a "true" packet interface,
or the provider you are dialing into is limiting something.

>A solution offered by Netcom is to buy Netscapes licensed version of
>their Netscape Personal Navigator that comes bundled with all that is
>necessary to get a PPP etc.

Yup. That's it. They want to make money. :-)

>If one can get a dialer that provides a PPP from somewhere on the net
>at no cost, let me and the rest of us know.

Here is a shareware version (not "no cost" as you specified):

Works on PC/Windows, can connect with SLIP/CSLIP/PPP.

>I mentioned to our friend at Netcom that with all the advancements
>in net services, it behooves them to again add PPP to their netcruiser
>or people will stop using netcruiser and user for example netscape.
>Aparently, they once did provide PPP but removed it because it was
>cheaper for them not to provide it.

>From your previous comments, it sounds like netcruiser is a WWW browser/etc
package. If so, it may have little to do with the transport layer (PPP).
If they used to provide PPP and removed it, the reason may have been that
it was the easy way for them to prevent people from running applications
they didn't want you to run. If that is the case, choose a different provider.

>Also, they prefer that people use netcom instead of netscape because
>with netcruiser, thet can monitor traffic flow and usage...with
>netscape, they cannot.

Monitoring traffic flow has very little to do with the application.
We use SNMP to monitor our routers and terminal servers. We get packet
stats (number of packets/second @peak, @average, @low), port stats
(when should we add more? what speeds are used most/least? where are
the possible error-prone lines?, etc.) and some protocol stuff (which
are the most used paths? what are the top 10 protocols? who are the
top 10 talkers/listeners?).
Now, we don't charge back for each packet (does Netcom?) so we
don't have to monitor to that level, but for the most part, we don't
care what data goes across the link, just how reliable the link is.

I hope this helps (maybe adds to the mess, but ...) :-)

>Alexander Holt
>En-Linea, Inc.
>Santa Monica, CA

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