Re: Netcom NetCruiser problem resolved (it's not good news)

emile anderson (
Fri, 23 Jun 1995 13:22:17 -0700

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts. I run on a Cslip and SLIP and PPP, and PPPC
(ISDN) all work with Cu. UDP goes on any of them. The Cu host/IP issue is
relatively a separate matter from the line protocal. As to a shareware PPP,
try Trumpet ver 2.0B.

At 11:16 AM 6/23/95 -0700, Alexander Holt wrote:
>Dear Friends,
>Following discussions with Netcom, we have resolved our CuSeeMe problem
>with NetCruiser. The simple problem is that Netcruiser is not providing
>the all VERY important PPP (point-to-point) protocol. Netcruiser
>accounts are C-SLIP (compressed Serial Line Internet Protocol) and do
>not provide the PPP required by CuSeeMe.
>This was verified when I used my Compuserve dialer to attach to
>internet and was successful in running CuSeeMe. The Compuserve dialer
>does provide a PPP.
>You may say, then how come I can FTP/WWW etc. We'll a laymans response
>would be that when you FTP, you are making the request and the host is
>sending a FILE to your address. When you try CuSeeMe, you are making
>the request, as you do when you FTP but as it is real time video,
>CuSeeMe needs your address continously to send you video. Without a PPP
>CuSeeMe does not know your address...with PPP, CuSeeMe knows the route
>to your machine.
>A solution offered by Netcom is to buy Netscapes licensed version of
>their Netscape Personal Navigator that comes bundled with all that is
>necessary to get a PPP etc. The version that you and I have downloaded
>from Netscape is the browser only without the other extras that one
>needs for PPP. Netscape navigator can be configured to dial into a
>Netcom access point (your local access number) and run properly. If one
>can get a dialer that provides a PPP from somewhere on the net at no
>cost, let me and the rest of us know. I mentioned to our friend at
>Netcom that with all the advancements in net services, it behooves them
>to again add PPP to their netcruiser or people will stop using
>netcruiser and user for example netscape. Aparently, they once did
>provide PPP but removed it because it was cheaper for them not to
>provide it. BIG MISTAKE.
>Also, they prefer that people use netcom instead of netscape because
>with netcruiser, thet can monitor traffic flow and usage...with
>netscape, they cannot. Again I said, If you don't provide PPP there
>won't be much traffic to monitor because everybody will swith to
>another browser that does offer the power to use the power of the net
>Warm regards to all,
>Alexander Holt
>En-Linea, Inc.
>Santa Monica, CA
>Well gang, I hope this helps.



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