RE: The new one...650a for Win

Timothy Mulkey (
Fri, 23 Jun 1995 20:16:56 EST

> From: "Luk Van de Heyning" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: The new one...650a for Win
>Just got it, and tried it.
>I thinks it is a pitty there is (still) no audio. Oh yes, receive,
>but no send...
>But I have other problems:
>with the old one, I can still connect to some reflectors I use to
>connect, but with the new one: no response.
>Sometimes I get the welcome-screen, but I never got a connection
>running with the new one. So I don't know if it is any better :-(
>Anyone any tips?

Yes, READ Dick's announcement. This is a PRE-Beta release. The announcement
states " if you don't want to deal with quirks and bugs, please wait for a
later release." I think Dick is trying to politely tell everyone that you use
the version at your own risk and not complain about this version. You must
deal with any problems yourself because Rich is busy working on the true beta
release and will not (and should not) deal with "problems" in the pre-release.
The alpha testers have been working with the audio-receive version for a couple
of months so it is very doubtful that you will find a bug that has not been
reported or request a feature that has not been requested by the alpha test
group (except for GPFs associated with some hardware and software

Dick's message also states " The CU-SeeMe-l list is intended mostly for
discussion of Video Conferencing issues and comments on features /
functionality / performance. So, please send bug reports to:

instead of to the list."

Rich, Dick and the rest of the Development Team should be praised for their
efforts (they deserve a raise and three-week paid vacations). They are
responding to requests for a Windows audio version because of the interest and
requests to have a version even if it is not fully debugged. The ability to
receive sound (even without audio send) is better than no sound at all. The
list should NOT be cluttered with petty complaints and gripes concerning what
you believe should have been a new feature (this is a PRE-beta release so the
true beta may be very different); there will be enough complaints because
people will not hear good sound with a 300 baud modem (the alpha testers can
tell you that a 28.8K modem is the minimum required speed and even then sound
isn't great ... but at least there is sound).

If the listserve becomes cluttered with petty complaints about a pre-release
version, the next release will be delayed for a longer period. The Development
team will be extremely cautious and not release a new version until every bug
is fixed (and anyone who had written program code knows that you can never fix
every bug). The Development team may not be as hesitant to release pre-beta
versions for general use in the future IF the user community responds to the
PRE-beta release in a responsible manner. This means that you accept a
pre-release as a pre-release and not complain about minor problems; the users
have to accept the fact that they might have to spend hours "debugging"
problems and conflicts that the software encounters on their personal computer
system before running to the list for help.

Thus, I would like to plead with everyone to read Dick's warning and "if you
don't want to deal with quirks and bugs, please wait for a later release". AND
wait until the true beta release before criticizing the software.

Tim Mulkey
Indiana State University