CU-WelcomeMat Beta

Mark Lentczner (
Sat, 24 Jun 1995 02:12:26 -0800


Ever get caught between the desire to leave CU-SeeMe running just in case
someone decides to connect with you and the need to do something else with
that 4 Meg of RAM?

Well, your troubles are over (at least if you run on a Macintosh, System 7,
and I didn't make any major programming bugs...). Come try out
CU-WelcomeMat: a little application that you can leave running all the time
that will announce connections for CU-SeeMe (and even let you quickly
launch that greate video conferencing tool!)

Total info & the program are available at:

I believe it has no major flaws... but then again, it has only run on two
machines - So I'm calling this one beta 1 - don't kill me if it crashes
your computer, just send me details so I can try to fix it! If it works
and you like it, let me know that too (so I can at least get some
warm-fuzzies for staying up 'til all hours creating it!)

- Mark "mad hacker" Lentczner
Glyphic Technology