Justin Fallin (jared2@ix.netcom.com)
Sat, 24 Jun 1995 12:56:31 -0700

This mailing list has been the source of much helpful information and
advice. I would feel remiss if I did not share with the community a
finding which is at the very least interesting, and might be quite
helpful. The makers of JABRA sent the unit to me to evaluate. It starts
with the mike/speaker combination in one tiny unit the size of my
little finger nail. This single mike/speaker unit slides into an ear
mould which fits into either ear. Each ear comes with three custom
mould sizes, 3 for the left, 3 for the right so finding the right
comfortable size is assured, allowing the user to switch ears as he
desires. Leading out of the speaker/mike combination is a thin cord
approx 10 feet long which connects to a small rectangular box out of
which comes the mike input and the speaker input at the end of 8 inches
of wire, both of which go into the computer. I have a Pentium90 so I
have not used JABRA on CU-SEEME, although I am an ardent CU-SEEME fan.
I have high hopes for JABRA's successful use with CU-SEEME because of
the reports I have received from using JABRA with IPHONE. Everyone
whith whom I have spoken reports that without exception, I am the
clearest reception, the best sound they have heard since using IPHONE.
I can just put it in my ear and forget it. Playing around with it I sat
it on top of and in the middle of my Daewoo 17" screen with a book on
top of the wire to hold it in place. That left the mike/speaker hanging
about 3" down on the plastic boarder and just above my eye level. After
readjusting the settings, I was able to walk around my living room and
into the kitchen where I prepared lunch while carrying on a
conversation from Israel. The gentleman on the other end reported the
same excellent quality. The downside is that Malissa at JABRA offices
will not give me a price. They have not set a price yet. She promises
that the maker will do so by the end of next week. It is not even in
the stores yet, but when it is, I encourage anyone interested to try
it. If it works anywhere near as well with CU-SEEME, it is well worth
the effort. Regards, Justin