Windows, xmission rate?

Cristian G. Bergweiler (
Sat, 24 Jun 1995 23:45:19 -3

After getting CU-SeeMe to work, I am wondering why the update of the
images is so slow. And yes, I am using a modem connection (28.880)
but my question is more out of curiosity.

Taking NASA TV as an example, the kbps number on the bottom of the video
window keeps changing between 0 and +/- 20.000 bits per second. Tcpmeter tells me I
am receiving something around 2000 - 3000 bytes/s, sometimes more, so it
should be more than enough to have (at least most of the time) a
smooth video. Why does it not happen? I am receiving the sound info
too, although I use the Windows version (i. e. no sound capability)?
Or is it that the displaying of the images takes a long time?

Thanks in advance.

Cristian G. Bergweiler
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