WaveWatcherTV-II and cuseeme?

Salkowski, Charles (CSALKOWS@gp201.jsc.nasa.gov)
Sun, 25 Jun 95 13:50:00 cdt

Has anyone tested the WaveWatcherTV-II from AITech for compatibility with

I ordered the creative labs SE100 because my previous board, ProMovie
Studio, while an excellent capture board overall, wouldn't work with
cuseeme. Well the SE100 is a digitizing DOG. PC Connection has graciously
agreed to an exchange but their list of alternatives is limited.

I need an answer ASAP if you can help.

Charles Salkowski
"we build spaceships"

P.S. Yes, I've seen Rich Kennerly's list of compatible cards, but the
wavewatcher falls on the "untested" list.