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I too, recently saw and participated in a working demo of the AT&T video
system (not on the phone, but on a computer) - it is called the Vistium. It
is even beter than the phone thing, however it requires an ISDN line (I
suspect that the AT&T video phone does too. With ISDN you get a much higher
quality connection.

If you're interested in knoong more on the AT&T phones and/or video system
for computers you can call AT&T at 1800-VID-EOGO (that's AT&Ts video
technical center. I am NOT an employee of AT&T, so there is NO personal gain
for me in giving you this information.


>Hi all I am just curious why the at&T video phone is so much faster video
wise then cu-seeme? I have seen demos of it and considering the fact that
supposedly 28.8 is or was the max transfer speed over phone lines why is
cu-seem so slow in comparison?
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