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C. Duncan Hudson (
Sun, 25 Jun 95 22:03:22 edt

On Sun, 25 Jun 95 17:04:06 -0700 you wrote:

>I too, recently saw and participated in a working demo of the AT&T video
>system (not on the phone, but on a computer) - it is called the Vistium. It
>is even beter than the phone thing, however it requires an ISDN line (I
>suspect that the AT&T video phone does too. With ISDN you get a much higher
>quality connection.
>If you're interested in knoong more on the AT&T phones and/or video system
>for computers you can call AT&T at 1800-VID-EOGO (that's AT&Ts video
>technical center. I am NOT an employee of AT&T, so there is NO personal gain
>for me in giving you this information.

While Vistium and Picasso require some heavy duty hardware the video
phone only requires compatible phones at both ends of the call. The
phone transmits a 15 fps colour picture along with regular telephone
voice. The phone was not an initial hot item - people complained
about the slow picture updating, but it sure puts CU-SeeMe to shame.
I hadn't thought to compare it to this software, but the comparison is
quite logical. While not being an expert on either system I would
imagine the faster (and colour) picture is due, in part, to hardware
based compression.

C. Duncan Hudson
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