Re: Netcom NetCruiser problem resolved (it's not good news)

paul sentner (
Sun, 25 Jun 1995 22:07:03 -0400

Emile wrote:

>Beware of Greeks bearing gifts. I run on a Cslip and SLIP and PPP, and PPPC
>(ISDN) all work with Cu. UDP goes on any of them. The Cu host/IP issue is
>relatively a separate matter from the line protocal. As to a shareware PPP,
>try Trumpet ver 2.0B.

>At 11:16 AM 6/23/95 -0700, Alexander Holt wrote:
>Dear Friends,
>Following discussions with Netcom, we have resolved our CuSeeMe problem
>with NetCruiser. The simple problem is that Netcruiser is not providing
>the all VERY important PPP (point-to-point) protocol. Netcruiser
>accounts are C-SLIP (compressed Serial Line Internet Protocol) and do
>not provide the PPP required by CuSeeMe.
My $.02-worth:
..when I first saw the ads for Service Providers, NetCom was the first one I
called; they were nice enough on the phone, and I almost signed on, except
that one of my last questions was to verify that I could use Mosaic, and
Trumpet Winsock (I wanted to convince those where I work that there WAS this
neat graphical interface to the Internet that most users could afford, etc.
--BUT when I was told that no, I could not use Trumpet, that I had to use
their NetCruiser software, I decided to look elsewhere. I eventually found
my way to the Provider that services the college.. they said they did not
handle individual accounts (except for BIG $$), but that there were local
providers that did so.

They gave me 2 numbers, I called the first, they seemed/seem to be really
nice folks, they offered me SLIP/PPP, and all the assistance I might need to
get connected.

So far I am satisfied.. the point of all this (looks like > $.02-worth :-/)
is that it seems to me that in most cities, there is probably a local
provider who can use your business, and who can offer service and rates to
rival, if not beat the national Providers many of which seem to use
proprietary software. I do not like proprietary (controlling) stuff.