28.8 and 0 frames per/sec?

Mon, 26 Jun 1995 11:24:04 GMT

Hi all I have gotten varying accounts now of video frame rate. I run 28.8 baud modem on PPP account 486-66 8 meg ram ,ver .65B1. A few people say 0 frames per second is to be expected with a 28.8 line. BUT then others say they get 1-3 with 14.4 baud line! Still others say they are getting poor audio on 28.8 lines. WHAT GIVES??
I get pops and wheezes for audio not even CLOSE to intelligable and video is always 0 frames with 5-25 kbps showing. still photos show maybe 5 frames/sec but moving video is a jerky 0 frames. I wish to know if my system/internet is screwed up or what goes on here please <S>
1 final question I read all the faqs on cu-seem(hardly any to read)
where do I find the past list of questions people have been asking in this group?
the mailer help file is less then useless