Re: audio version for windows

Greg Williams (
Mon, 26 Jun 1995 09:01:11 -0500

My audio quality is OK, except for a substantial delay. I've got a Mac on
one desk and a Pentium on another one adjacent to it. I can say "One, two,
buckle my shoe" into the Mac before anything comes out of the Pentium. If
I turn up the volume on both of them, I can pretend I'm at the bottom of a
well (awesome echo!)

One thing that does help is turning up the sound on the Mac to 100ms.
Also, I've noticed that sound quality really depends on the quality of the
microphone you're using. Also, PCs are really good at picking up
electronic noise and piping through their sound systems.


>Was wondering if anyone else who may have downloaded the audio receive
>version of CU-SeeMe for Windows (WO.65.B1) is having problems with the
>audio. I have experienced very poor quality.
>Dennis Houser
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