Re: CU-SEEME-L digest 469

Ted Sorrells (
Mon, 26 Jun 1995 09:54:14 -0500

>Has anyone tested the WaveWatcherTV-II from AITech for compatibility with
>P.S. Yes, I've seen Rich Kennerly's list of compatible cards, but the
>wavewatcher falls on the "untested" list.

I tested the WaveWatcherTV-II with CUSEEME. It doesn't work because CUSEEME
requires the "8-bit palettized" format and the WaveWatcherTV-II offers only
the "6-bit YUV" format.

Another contributor to this mailing list has been in contact with AITech on
this issue. It appears that this may be a software limitation only, and
could be addressed in a future software update.

I was disappointed that the WaveWatcherTV-II didn't work with CUSEEME.
Otherwise, it's a very fine product and AITech should be proud.

I settled upon the PC PrimeTime Version 6 by CEI. It offers a variety of
video formats including both YUV and 8-bit. The only major difference
between the PrimeTime V6 and the WaveWatcherTV-II is the latter has the FM

For the technically concerned, CEI says the PrimeTime V6 will not fail under
the 15Mb+ RAM limitation faced by many capture board manufacturers.

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