Re: CU-SeeMe "stories"

Paul Ruscher (
Mon, 26 Jun 1995 14:59:25 -0400 (EDT)

Just thought you might like to know that on 15 June, we held a PhD
defense using CU-SeeMe. An external committee member from NASA Goddard,
could not be in Tallahassee due to big meetings to help save her
group from the budget ax. We used a Mac Centris 610 (I think) at Goddard
and a Quadra 660AV at FSU on a point-to-point connection between the
two. Part of the seminar was beemed live to her and the entire oral
defense with the graduate committee was carried via CU-SeeMe. Thanks to
the folks at Cornell, we did not have to reschedule the defense or make
other special arrangements. The work reported on is part of the NOAA
Cooperative Institute of Tropical Meteorology at Florida State
University's Meteorology can link to a related document
on the WWW if you want more information about the research. The first
link below is for the observational component and the second link is for
a modelling component.

We send the Goddard group a QuickCam and the software, they loaded it up
and were up to speed in no time. We also send a videotape copy of a dry
run and copies of the overheads for the seminar. The major hitch was
the entire campus network went down at 1:30 PM that day, and did not
come back up until 4:15 PM, as my student was finishing the seminar.
But the defense part went great! Guess Murphy was on his committee for
that day only!

Paul Ruscher
FSU Meteorology