Re: 28.8 and 0 frames per/sec?

emile anderson (
Mon, 26 Jun 1995 14:35:45 -0700

Concur. All other commercial applications (hardware or software codec
require 2 POTS, 56 packet switched or ISDN. CuSeeme did not change the
physics of audio and video compression and delivery. Just made it affordable
and accessible to many.


P.S. Saw the same thing Rich on the alpha vs the beta on audio performance?

At 03:44 PM 6/26/95 -0400, Bennett Frankel wrote:
>I think you still need a high speed line for audio!!!! I am using an ISDN
>line at 115K and audio is fine, although better on the first alpha
>version, why I do not know?? Rich any ideas???
>On Mon, 26 Jun 1995 wrote:
>> Hi all I have gotten varying accounts now of video frame rate. I run 28.8
baud modem on PPP account 486-66 8 meg ram ,ver .65B1. A few people say 0
frames per second is to be expected with a 28.8 line. BUT then others say
they get 1-3 with 14.4 baud line! Still others say they are getting poor
audio on 28.8 lines. WHAT GIVES??
>> I get pops and wheezes for audio not even CLOSE to intelligable and
video is always 0 frames with 5-25 kbps showing. still photos show maybe 5
frames/sec but moving video is a jerky 0 frames. I wish to know if my
system/internet is screwed up or what goes on here please <S>
>> 1 final question I read all the faqs on cu-seem(hardly any to read)
>> where do I find the past list of questions people have been asking in
this group?
>> the mailer help file is less then useless
>> Kerry



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